Latest News

19 October 2017: The gig list has been updated again - the gig on Sat 21 Oct at the Wyke Smugglers has been reinstated. Due to a misunderstanding on my part it was removed in error. Sorry!

15 October 2017: The gig list has been updated and two gigs have been removed. Exec summary: the last gig of 2017 is at Finn's on 4 Nov

30 June 2017: The gig at the Wyke Smugglers tomorrow night (1 July) is cancelled. It was actually cancelled earlier this year, but I forgot to take it off the list! I am really sorry for any disappointment this slip-up may cause :-(

22 February 2017: It was brought to my attention at the gig at the Wyke Smugglers last Saturday Night that I had unintentionally caused some confusion with my last post. It was my intention to inform that this gig was to be Steve's last gig with Splinter, not that it was Splinter's last gig of 2017!

I should have made it clearer that we will be completing the gigs currently in the diary throughout 2017 (although the Gig at Finn's on Saturday 11 March may have to be cancelled if our new Bass player isn't ready by then).

Finally, the statement that probably caused this confusion - that we will be back in 2018 - merely meant that we would be back in 2018 with a fuller diary, rather than the somewhat depleted diary we have for 2017.

My sincere apologies for the confusion caused by my last post and I hope I have made things clearer with this post.

12 January 2017: It seems the only time I post any news on this page it's bad news and today is no different :-( Steve, our bass player for the past two years, has announced he is leaving Splinter and will play his last gig at the Wyke Smugglers on Saturday 18 February.

Due to this disappointing turn of events we have decided not to take any more gigs for this year. Instead we will be focusing our efforts on revitalising our tired set-list and plan to come back with a bang in 2018.

5 December 2015: The final gigs of 2015 (5/12 @ The Wyke Smugglers and 12/12 @ The Golden Lion) are cancelled. Sorry for the late notification, but these events are due to unforseen and unavoidable circumstances. Keep an eye on the gig page for news of next years gigs.

17 September 2015: The gig at Finn's on Saturday 19 September has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Sorry for the late announcement any disappointment caused :-(

22 April 2015: All Moby's gigs have been cancelled by the venue. Apparently this applies to all rock bands, not just Splinter gigs. However, two of the affected dates have been filled with new gigs, so it's not a total disaster :-)

14 February 2015: The gig at Moby's on Sat 7 March has been rescheduled for Sat 14 March and the gig at Moby's on Sat 25 April has been rescheduled for Sat 2 May.

1 February 2015: Finally found a spare minute to update the gig page today – 2015 looks like it’s going to be another busy year! Apologies if you’ve been looking to see what’s happening with the band, only to find an expired gig list and no new info on the site! But it’s been a quiet start to the year for us (gig wise at least) so, if it’s of any consolation, you haven’t missed anything :-)

That said; we have a sad announcement to make … unfortunately Jass (the Bass) has decided to leave Splinter to pursue a new project. He will still be playing with us for the next month or two as we search for and rehearse with his replacement. We will let you know when his last gig is and post more details about his replacement as soon as we know.